Julian Stauffer received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan and his Masters in Business Administration from SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy. 

He joined PTI in 2010, as an applications engineer in PTI’s packaging division.  He focused on flexible packaging solutions for the food industry, bringing new technological solutions and packaging applications to the market. Within a few years, he became manager of PTI’s packaging division, delivering large scale food packaging systems into North America. 

His expertise is in the areas of semi-aseptic and retort packaging technologies, and high-risk container closure integrity.  His experience and background in high risk packaging applications has provided a depth of experience in sterile barrier applications.  In 2018, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer at PTI. 

Julian is married with two young children, speaks five languages, loves traveling and learning about other cultures. He enjoys outdoor sports and is an avid runner, hiker, and skier. 


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